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You Need to Have a Plan

By in Real 510 Podcast

Episode Summary

Fred Hertz has known his friend Carl for over 40 years, from the time he moved to the Bay Area. When Carl fell ill, with no family in the area, Fred took the lead on managing his affairs.

In this interview, Fred shares the struggles, the victories, and lessons learned while leading an all-volunteer team who took care of everything: from the sale of the condo, to dealing with bureaucracy, unforeseen delays in plans, helping his friend understand and cope with his “new normal” and much more!

The bottom line? Have a plan for when the unexpected happens.

Episode Notes

In this interview with Fred, you’ll hear:

  • What happens when you are faced with the idea that you may need to change your living situation and you may not be able to handle it yourself [1:57]
  • Introduction of guest, Fred Hirsch [3:26]
  • Who is Fred Hirsch? [3:35]
  • A series of unfortunate events with Carl [5:05]
  • At first, people helping Carl were not a team [10:11]
  • Crisis-medical emergency [10:47]
  • Team formed in hospital lobby [10:58]
  • How Carl can longer move back to his apartment [14:02]
  • Pivotal event- saying to somebody “you’re not going home again” [14:24]
  • Holding out that hand of hope to someone who is in a physically failing situation [15:21]
  • How group dynamics worked among the people helping Carl [16:33]
  • Discussions on where Carl was going to move to [19:58]
  • Knowing what to do and when to do it [21:16]
  • Happiness is a not a standard we can achieve here [23:10]
  • Did everything go according to plan? [26:20]
  • Challenges involved in selling the condominium [28:01]
  • How could things have gone better? [34:19]
  • Secondary skills and flexibility in managing things [39:43]
  • Everybody comes into this world from a different place [43:34]
  • Part of listening and feeling, that part of not allowing efficiency to override feelings completely [44:39]
  • Having a contingency plan [45:56]
  • Incredible team that took on a huge task, achieved amazing results [47:30]
  • The team took a break. We did a fabulous job, let’s get some rest [48:26]
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