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Uptown Oakland

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Crowded bars and restaurants paired with unrivaled rent and property prices have left San Francisco social seekers looking elsewhere. Traveling just a few BART stops away has landed man of the city’s defectors in the city of Oakland. Downtown Oakland, specifically, has been a major hub of interest for East Bay transplants. Helping visitors and newbies delineate between neighborhoods and easily navigate themselves around, Downtown Oakland has been divided into four parts: Old Oakland, Lakeside, Kono, and Uptown.

Uptown Oakland is probably where you’ll find the concentration of action in the Downtown Oakland area. Home to both the Fox Theater and the Paramount Theater, there are concerts with lines wrapping the Town’s blocks seemingly every weekend. The smaller but equally as energetic New Parish keeps a consistent lineup, housing both local and touring artists. Lukas Taproom and Lounge is another intimate setting where one can take in some live music, get a good drink, and maybe even indulge in some shrimp and grits.

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