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The State of Local Real Estate in the Midst of a Global Pandemic

By in Real 510 Podcast

Episode Summary

As California buckles down with a statewide Shelter in place order, Buyers, Sellers, and Real Estate professionals are redefining the home buying process. While prioritizing the community’s safety, wellness, and our own ethical responsibility, Realtors are creating a plan to support those who need real estate support as an essential service. Listen in as Real 510 host Kim Cole shares her thoughts on the state of Real Estate sales in Oakland and the greater Bay Area.

Here are a few highlights from the episode:

  • What is going on right now in our area related to the COVID-19 shutdown…2:30
  • How the lockdown is affecting the Bay Area real estate market…5:15
  • New mandated requirements for both buyers and sellers …14:00
  • Where Kim sees the market headed in the near future and beyond…19:30
  • And much more!

Episode Sponsor

Jay Sondhi with US Bank. Jay’s transparent communication, superior lending knowledge and experience and 100% track record with our customers has earned our trust and recommendation for our listeners. Contact Jay Sondhi at or 415.779.5293 Cell/Text.

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