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Kim Cole Real Estate brings more than 30 years of expertise in local residential sales, marketing, and escrow management to each client relationship. In-depth knowledge, strategic insight, and broad range experience are the strengths valued consistently by our clientele. Strong business characteristics coupled with a culture cultivated with warm intuition and a playful sense of humor have establish Kim Cole Real Estate’s reputation as a leader in Oakland’s exciting urban residential housing market.

We focus on uncompromising quality and strategic sales execution in a dynamic high-density urban Real Estate market. Kim Cole Real Estate is energized in the most challenging situations. Our multifaceted experience in changing markets and diverse circumstance bring insightful solutions to the needs of our clients. Tremendous success has been achieved by creating a distinct brand of market intelligence and sales expertise. We are elevated by engaging the right people to manage the retail sales experience, while utilizing our creativity to energize and inspire our team, attract our audience, and insure that our clients reach their goals. Whether we are working with an urban developer, or a single-family owner, we pride ourselves to embrace our clients as partners, simplifying their stress, eliminating the interferences, and honing in on the strengths and value.

Backed by a solid network of support services, fellow Realtors, and loyal customers, we believe in working hard, motivating others, and delivering optimal results.

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  • Kim Cole

  • Bethe Vanier

    Sales Associate
  • Jonathan Payne

    Sales Associate
  • Kellen Cole

    Sales Associate
  • Pamela Segerquist

    Sales Associate
  • Mollie Newquist

    Marketing Director
  • Tiffany Blackburn

    Sales Support
  • Tim Cole

    Sales Associate
  • Whitney Milligan

    Sales Support