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Nick Marble

Nick Marble is an Oakland artist originally from Washington, DC. born into a creative and intellectual blue-collar family, the artist was fortunate to travel around the world at a very young age – seeing great art in incredible places made a lasting, indelible impression that forever shaped his outlook and life aspirations. Nick studied fashion design at Parsons School of Design before completing business studies at Howard University and UCLA Law. The artist draws inspiration from natural beauty, balance and the human form. From a design perspective, he has a special appreciation for clean lines and simplicity. In the dancers exhibit, there are seven paintings in two groups; ballerinas and guajiras. the ballerinas are an exploration and study of physical strength, balance and fluidity all in harmony with the power and infinite beauty of the ever changing California sky. The inspiration for the various poses was ballerina, Misty Copeland of the American Ballet Company. Two paintings make up the guajira portion of the exhibit. They were inspired by the artist’s love of afro-latin music and depict a grandfather dancing on the beach with his granddaughter somewhere in Cuba!


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