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Kim Cole Art Gallery

Our office was built in 2015 with a keen sense of design and constructed with the idea of exhibiting the works of local artists. We are excited to not only be able to showcase beautiful urban homes, but also the beautiful art of many talented individuals. We have partnered with Oakland Art Murmur as an affiliated venue and are excited to share the amazing exhibitions of the Bay Area’s incredible artists. We look forward to inviting you into our work home and sharing beautiful art and a wonderful experience!

Karen Stanton Art Show

Join us for Something Fun, Karen Stanton’s opening exhibit, at Kim Cole Real Estate on December 6th. Karen is a published children’s book author/illustrator, artist, and teacher.

Steve Javiel – The Unconscious

My work is focused around experimenting with recreating the aged, decayed, layered surfaces around me. I believe that these aged surfaces tell a story and that they are a raw reflection of their environment—the aging is not premeditated.

Steve Javiel Art Gallery

“Vision” a vibrant and energetic experience featuring beautiful abstract flowers by Oakland artist, Steve Javiel.

Christine Brinson Art Gallery

Her expressive style appears minimalistic but more complicated than the images initially let on. She uses a variety of techniques that focuses on the colors and allows the viewer to explore the paint.

Elizabeth Sher Art Gallery

Please join us for Elizabeth Sher’s Spring Comes Every Year exhibit at Kim Cole Real Estate featuring a fresh perspective of traditional spring images created by this popular Bay Area artist and filmmaker. 

Jessica Christine Art Gallery

A native of San Francisco, is a self-taught artist who’s primary medium is oil. The force driving her art is the pleasure of creating beauty for others.

Ivan Trujillo Art Gallery

Experience timeless journeys by Ivan Trujillo.

Nick Marble Art Gallery

Seeing great art in incredible places made a lasting, indelible impression that forever shaped his outlook and life aspirations.

Delvin Wilbourn Art Gallery

Linger about as you uncover the underlying seduction in this fine collection.