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It’s Time to Make Your Move: What the Election Results Mean For You

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As the dust settles in the week following this monumental election, we at Kim Cole Real Estate reflect on our city’s renewed sense of hope on a brighter future.

In years past, many Americans have largely been able and willing to separate politics from our homes and everyday lives. This year’s election was different. Maybe it’s a culmination of all that 2020 has thrown our way: an enduring virus; current leadership that has ignited passions on both sides of the political aisle; a larger awareness of racial inequality; and/or a weary election process that dragged us into final innings.

Our universal uncertainty and endemic yearning for hope has seeped into our homes, and politics have become a recurring dinner guest at our kitchen tables. Ultimately, this election forced us to examine who we are and what we stand for. Who are we when we gather around the table? Who are we when we come together after a long day? Who are we as parents, as sons and daughters, as partners, as neighbors, as colleagues? What kind of home do we want for ourselves? For our families? 

Now that the results are in, we are experiencing a palpable shift in energy. We have reckoned with who we want to be and what kind of country we want to live in. No matter where you stand politically we, as a nation, are ready to move forward and take care of our home. 

Collectively, let’s harness our restored sense of hope and celebrate the coming together of our country. As we transition into this new administration, one of the biggest changes we will face comes in the form of new housing plans:

  • First-time Home Buyer Tax Credit: Long-term efforts under this administration will focus on making home ownership more accessible to more people. This comes in the form of a Tax Credit, allowing first-time home buyers a refundable, advanceable tax credit to temper the sting of expensive up-front rates. 
  • Reversing Racial Discrimination in Housing: The Biden administration plans to address the racial housing gap up-front by creating a standard appraisal method and helping raise credit scores of minority home-buyers. 
  • Increasing the Supply to Keep Up with the Demand: Using the momentum of lower-than-ever interest rates, Biden proposes to lower the cost and improve the overall quality of housing through investments like energy efficiency. 

More housing opportunities for low-income citizens and shrinking the disparity between the lower and middle/upper-class means big things for our city. 

So what does this mean for you? Take a look through the incredible options we have available

As our country moves forward, let’s capitalize on this spirit of change to find the right home for you. America has made their move. It’s time to make yours.

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