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Home & The Holidays (How to Navigate the Market During This Time of Year)

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Oh there’s no place like home for the holidays…but what if now is the perfect time to sell your home?

And while Perry Como might have something to say about that, when it comes to buying and/or selling this time of year we’ve seen it all – and have some recommendations that may surprise you.

The obvious inclination is to believe that the holidays are a slower time and therefore probably not optimal in terms of making big real estate moves. Most of us are cozied up in our homes, preparing to hibernate with our extra-large mug of eggnog, gleefully teeing up the “Out of Office” messages we’ve been dreaming of since the start of 2020. The world naturally slows as we put our worries and anxieties on pause and look onward to the year ahead. 

But this season is full of opportunities we rarely see at any other time of year. Think about it – your home has never looked better. Whether you are celebrating by opening presents under the tree, preparing and sharing food at the feast of Karamu, or lighting the Menorah, your family is gathered together in a moment of rare, pure togetherness as you reflect on the meaning of the holidays. Indeed, 

From a staging and marketing perspective, the holidays are such a beautiful time and are often when the magic of your home comes to life. People buy homes year-round wondering where their tree is going to go. The holidays are a time to demonstrate the heart of the home in the fullest way.” – Kim Cole, Owner, Kim Cole Real Estate

At Kim Cole Real Estate, we believe that your success in the market is reflective of your state of mind. With the housing market booming and interest rates lower than ever (historically we tend to see lower interest rates in December and January), capitalizing on these changes makes just as much sense now as any other time. 

But what does this mean if you’re a buyer and/or seller? Let us break down some market trends: 

For Buyers:

With significantly less competition, this time of year is a tremendous opportunity for those looking to buy. “My advice to buyers would be that it is a great time to be assertive with your offer, taking advantage of fewer buyers in the market.” – Kellen Cole, Sales Associate, Kim Cole Real Estate. Additionally, the slow-down in work and play as holiday gatherings go virtual this year lends itself to more time searching for your ideal home. Plus, who doesn’t want to start the new year off in a new home?

For Sellers:

With less inventory on the market, sellers are naturally noticed more by both buyers and agents. We’ve also found that sellers are more motivated to close escrow before the first of the year for tax implications, and would like things wrapped (pun very much intended) to focus on the holidays: “Closing by the end of the year is a write-off for different expenses you can take for that year.” – Bethe Vanier, Sales Associate, Kim Cole Real Estate. That being said, we may want to discuss the Seller’s best option during this time, as that direction could go either way depending on the circumstances. 

Kicking off the first two weeks of December alone we have four new sales and eleven closings. The opportunity is there – if you’re ready to seek it. We’ll make it easy for you…check out these current listings and see for yourself.

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