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Back in the San Francisco Real Estate Market.

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Kim Cole Real Estate is proud to welcome Anastasia Prapas to our growing team of sales associates. Anastasia brings Kim Cole Real Estate back to San Francisco with her newest listing at San Francisco’s Poole-Bell Historic Victorian Mansion located in Glen Park on the hill of Fairmount Heights. This San Francisco TIC (tenancy-in-common) is in the final stages of condo conversion, and allows buyers the opportunity to own a historical home for under $600,000.

192 Laidley St San Francisco-small-004-10-Living Room-666x440-72dpi.jpgBuilt circa 1892, this one-bedroom, one-bathroom TIC turned condominium exhibits an appreciation of the historical details with a modern flair. High ceilings, over-sized picture windows, chef’s kitchen complete with updated appliances, and hardwood floors are just some of the home’s features.

The mysterious history of this home reaches back to one of the building’s first owners, Teresa Bell, her husband Thomas Bell, and Mary Ellen Pleasant, an early African American entrepreneur who worked with Thomas Bell and acted as a mediator between the troubled couple. The relationship between the three remains a mystery. Rumors surround this home, including the possibility of Thomas Bell’s ghost presence or it being used as a brothel ran by Mary Ellen Pleasant.

As SF Gate’s Anna Marie Erwert said in her write-up on this unique home, “Who knows what ghosts may haunt the unit now. Maybe only the ghost of the TIC it was once the condo conversion is complete. In any case, this place could be yours to make your own history in now, if you have $599,000 to buy it.”

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